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Scott Le Grand is a giant disembodied eyeball that frequently assumes human form. Marooned on this planet in the mid-1960s he pioneered the development of the Slinky, plaid, and Visine. In recent years he got mixed up with a crime syndicate intending to make money off networked video games on the Jaguar, but we all know what happened there.  These days  he mutters frequently as he constructs a vessel with which to return home.


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Douglas Engel is the result of a WWII atomic weapons experiment gone horribly wrong. Wandering aimlessly for the rest of the 40's and Early 50's, he finally found his niche in Winston Cup Racing, where he won 6 championships in a row from 1958-63 driving a Thunderbird. His life was tragically cut short in February of 1964 in a spectacular crash in the Daytona 500. He mysteriously re-animated as a newborn later that year, and has since dedicated his life to his art, his programming, and designing videogames. He hopes to travel to Scott's homeworld one day soon, where they might be able to stop that strange green glow that surrounds him in the dark.


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Stephanie Wukovitz is a harmless tiny gelatinous green nocturnal creature usually found curled into fetal position and surrounded by audio equipment, computers. coffee, and Diet Pepsi.  When not consuming caffeine, annoying protein crystallographers, proving that 0=1, or wasting time online, she creates music and audio for videogames, commercials, and other strange and mysterious projects.   She was last seen trying to reach the counter in a coffee shop as Scott waited impatiently outside in his spaceship.

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