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Next Generation Online's BattleSphere Preview
Having never previously seen BattleSphere   in person, I am impressed by the way it SCREAMS quality. Every single screen, every single menu.
- Jesse
The graphics are AMAZING. I really didn't think the Jag was capable of this level of graphics.. while it doesn't make me confuse my Dreamcast with the Jag, it definitely takes the system to a level that nothing else comes close to... The manual alone is GREAT. Very well written and looks EXTREMELY professional. I don't think any of the Atari manuals were this good...
- Justin Scott
I Love this game! This has got to be the best Quality game ever made for the Jag! Doug, the manual is perfect! Stef, the music is absolutely amasing! The graphics are even better than I remember from the World of Atari! Scott, the game is as smooth as silk! Congratulations on a master piece of coding!
- Greg Bouray
Classic Gaming Online's BattleSphere Review by Mike Dolce
Note: Currently Offline
I was very happy to find my copy of B.S. in the mail and can tell you that my jaguar has never been played so hard. This game sits in the same class as Tie Fighter and that is saying a lot (tie being my all time fav). The graphics and control are perfect, the enemy A.I. is great, I am having more fun then I thought I would, this game has exceeded my expectations. Am I playing this on the jaguar or am I on the PC? top notch game, that will keep you busy for a long time, Still have to beat T-birds high score.
- RayNET
Anybody that says the Jag is only as powerful as an SNES has obviously never seen this game in action. It could easily be a 2nd generation PSX title. I don't really know where to begin. The music is excellent, the box, artwork, and in game menus are top notch, and of course the game itself is truly awesome. Oh, I also immediately recognized the sound of a starbase being destroyed! Haven't heard that in quite some time. Only problem is that I suck. I have always been good at driving games, but the 3D flight sims have never been a strong point for me. I'll be spending a LOT of time in the training mode.
- Stephen Anderson
I've got systems from 2600 to Dreamcast, and IMO Battlesphere, after 2 days of gameplay, has more depth and is of higher higher quality than every 3D Jaguar game, and is one of the better console games ever made to boot. I'd definitely put it in the top 5% of the hundreds and hundreds of console games I've played. Seriously. This game is amazing, and my opinion rises higher all the time!
- Jesse
The Atari Times BattleSphere Review by Greg George
It is an awesome game, Especially for the hardware it has to run on. The jag is powerfull, but not easy to work with. (all this second hand from those in the know) It rocks, responsive, awesome colors and resolution. It's a challenge to play, which is good. And just watching things blow up is a scream. And remember, there is like five different ways to play it, single or network. I am proud to own BS Cart#1.
- Leo
I can't stress enough how top-notch professional everything looks, from the package to the game itself. Although I doubt Atari would've allowed a lot of those funny lines in the manual.
- Brian R
But it is very apparent the people who brought us the game put their Heart and Soul in it. Quality title by far! I compare it to like the first time I play Tempest 2K! I was amazed and I bought a Jaguar to play it! I would do the same for Battlesphere!
- Tim
I never thought there would be a game on the Jag more addicting than Tempest 2000 but BattleSphere tops it. The largest thanks humanly possible to Doug, Scott and Stephanie for getting this game too us all. All your talents continue to amaze me further with every level I progress. Ok. If I haven't said or alluded to it by now, now it's official. BATTLESPHERE IS THE GREATEST GAME I HAVE EVER OR WILL EVER PLAY! BattleSphere teaches. Simply put you need to learn techniques, strategies to get further. But it doesn't stop there. You need to change your strategies for the same races as they become smarter. Every level, late in the Gauntlet mode, forces you to rethink your technique, become aware of what the enemy is doing to you differently and counter punch. This is what makes BattleSphere so great. Sure, the gameplay is top notch, the graphics are amazing for being on the Jaguar, the sound effects and music add to the complete package for an overall highest quality title. But it is the purely genius coding for difficulty that blows me away. Maybe I've read too much into the teaching aspect of the game, but it is the way I seen it and the reason why I've found success at this demanding game.
- Micah Rowe
Kingdom Atari BattleSphere Review
I've only played it for about an hour so far (a little bit of Gauntlet and some Pilot Training), but it's definitely made a good impression. The game just oozes quality. From the artwork, to the graphical effects on the menus, to the music, to even the manual and box, it's a first-class effort.
- Sal Manfredonia
I am completely impressed with everything about it so far...the manual, the box, the cart label, the speed my order arrived...oh yeah, and the game is great. Great Job!
- Jason Parlee
BattleSphere is just plain fun. With the numerous options, play modes, and ships (I really like the various designs, from mild to wild:) and the awesome gameplay this game won't be collecting too much dust on the shelf. It's also nice to know that that my purchase of BattleSphere also helped the JDF.
- 'Cuda Man
You won't beleive this is a jaguar game once your flying around at 60fps!!! Like the faq says This is an Excellent game worth every penny if not more. It is great to see such an awesome game made for a system that really deserved it. I can only hope there will be more like it in the future.
- Chad Tindle
Jagu-Dome BattleSphere Preview by Randy Femrite
IMHO, this game is the killer graphics application for the Jaguar. Wait until you fight against a squadron of superships with extremely low frame rate slow down.... And those explosions are a godsend- no standard Jaguar fire effects recycled from Cybermorph, Iron Soldier, and Trevor McFur...
- Fard Muhommad
My summary- the game lives up to reasoned expectations, it may not impress PC users who've played the latest space epics utilising high-end 3D accelerators on a P3-600, but had it come out 3 years ago, it would... The problem is just in persuading such friends to try the game, once they play I'm sure they'll love it too. This game is a definite must-have, just like Tempest 2000, and secrets and a sensible attitude to resumed access to levels means that you can come back anytime, without the frustration of repeating boring action.
- Richard
I've played it for about an hour or so now. Wow. It's quite incredible. I've adapted to it pretty well though and have gone through 10 Gauntlet levels, a few pilot training levels and tried flying about 10 different ships. My favorite race right now is the Thunder-Birds and the Oppressors (and their DAMN sperm ships) are still my main adversary. As I was playing the game, I took a step back and thought about it. Battlesphere is really "Battlesphere 1", "Battlesphere 2", and "Battlesphere: Rage Wars" all combined into one. I was completely amazed by the quality of each of the games. They were even better then I remembered. 4Play could've easily sold it as three seperate packages, and every one of them would've been in my top 10 Jag games. Impressive!
- Dan Loosen
JagFest '98 BattleSphere Preview by Dave Homenuck
I received my copy about a week ago and the game is truly astonishing on many levels. The ease with which performance is coaxed out of the Jaguar is virtually unmatched on the system(the game feels completely natural and at home on the Jaguar--NOT an easy feat). The music sets a great mood but never gets in your face or on your nerves (I laughed the first time I heard my Jaguar call me a "loser" Nice touch, guys!:)). The gameplay--what's really important--is phenomenal! This is a FUN GAME! And the fact that my money is going to combat juvenile diabetes is just beyond comprehension. Are there any losers in this situation? I can't find any!
- Big I
I am quite impressed by the music (its catchy), graphics, and total professional packaging. One weapon sound in particular brought back some good Atari memories. Sometimes the laser sound can be a little much - but it could just be my old t.v.'s fault. Of course this game shines where it really counts - gameplay. The controls and display are easy to get the hang of and set up logically. The real skill comes in thinking up a bunch of strategies to kill the enemy and not get killed yourself. Then trying to vary that strategy depending on the situation and enemy.
- Addie
Finally after getting the game weeks ago, have I got a chance to play BattleSphere networked. My friend and I played different variations of free for all from about 12:30 to 5:00 AM! This game is totally insane networked! I thought just playing one player was cool, doing AATE and Gauntlet, but getting it networked is pure magic! We had such a blast playing...we both agree that it is definitley the best space sim...Ever. I just can't think of anything better gameplay wise.
- Jagman
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