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September 30, 2003 - It saddens us to announce that we've run out of stock of key materials and have no way to obtain more. Sadly, Jaguar products are no longer being developed, manufactured, or sold by ScatoLOGIC. It's been wonderful doing business with all of those who supported us through the years. The support you've given us more than outweighs the resentment and vitriol we've encountered. Thank you to all our customers!
February 21, 2003 - ScatoLOGIC Inc., the premier Jaguar Developer, is pleased to announce the newest accessory to their vast line of Jaguar products: the ScatoLOGIC ScatBox™.

ScatBox™ is a multi-function peripheral which combines networking, RS-232 serial port, audio expansion, video expansion, and copy protection all in a single high quality package. ScatBox™ is the only accessory on the market which follows the Catnet network specification which allows more than two consoles to network and play the multi-console games in 4Play/ScatoLOGIC BattleSphere™ / BattleSphere Gold™, and Midnite Entertainment Air Cars.

ScatBox™ does it all, and it even works with the BCD Catbox device you already own!

The limited edition ScatBox™ is available for a limited time only, so get one now, or pay hundreds more to get one from an online auction later!!!

For complete details about the ScatoLOGIC ScatBox™, please visit The ScatBOX™ Product Information Page (

For answers to all your ScatoLOGIC ScatBox™ questions, take a look at The ScatBOX™ FAQ (

To check availability and place an order, please go to The ScatBox™ Homepage (

For information on the complete line of ScatoLOGIC Products, please visit The ScatoLOGIC Homepage (
March 15, 2002 - Today is the day of the eagerly anticipated debut of BattleSphere Gold™, the Director's Edition of our smash-hit BattleSphere™. BattleSphere Gold™ contains countless graphical and speed ehhancements, multiple hidden games, over double the secret codes, as well as many minor bug fixes and of course the amazing JUGS DD™ Jaguar CD encryption / verification eliminator. BattleSphere Gold™ is a unique collector's item, available for a limited time. Be sure to secure a copy before they are all sold out.
March 14, 2002 - ScatoLOGIC Inc. is pleased to announce the addition of their first CD software title to their line of Jaguar products. The 4Play / ScatoLOGIC Demo CD™ is the first new Jaguar CD title to hit the market since 1997, and is the first unencrypted title to ever be released by anyone. The ability will soon be available for anyone to play an unencrypted CD title by means of a bypass code, so there is a huge need for new CD titles. ScatoLOGIC has sensed this need and has produced a Demo Disc packed with exciting and nostalgic Jaguar demos which are sure to please even the most discriminating Jaguar Enthusiast.

The 4Play / ScatoLOGIC Demo Disc contains many of your old favorites like Sinister Development's Slam Racer Demo, Duranik's Native Demo, and ScatoLOGIC's BattleSphere™ Engine Demo. Also included are several never released Developer Demos, like the JAZ 3D / Sound Demo, the FulSyn Synth Demo, and the 4Play / ScatoLOGIC Music Player Mark ][!
September 8, 2000 - Our latest endeavour, Folderol, has been mentioned in the news. Check out the story on and tell us what you think!
August 16, 2000 - The second production run of BattleSphere™ carts is now completed. From the overwelming majority of users responding to our request for input on Jaguar Interactive II , it has been made clear that the fairest method for distribute the latest batch of cartridges is going to be to hold auctions on Atari.Net Auctions.

Scott and Steph are in the process of selling their home and moving out of state, so to make life easier on them, the carts will be acutioned off in lots of around 10 at a time, over the next few weeks. Keep your eyes peeled, and good luck bidding!

July 5, 2000 - A supplier has been located with a number of 27C160 EPROMS at a reasonable price. Therefore we will soon be able to begin production on another batch of BattleSphere™ Cartridges.

We have all of the supplies we need to the second batch, but we do not feel that this batch will be large enough to meet the current demand. Therefore, we would like everyone to head on over to Jaguar Interactive II, and post your opinions on how we should distribute the next batch. Thanks!

April 4, 2000 - The initial production run of BattleSphere™ cartridges has completely SOLD OUT.

Thank you to all of the great people who supported us through the long process of bringing this game to market.

We did not expect the number of orders to be quite this high, so we have not been able to meet all of the demand. However, we are attempting to locate a supplier for 27C160 EPROMS, so that we can build a second batch of cartridges.

This chips are somewhat scarce, and have gone up in price considerably, since our last order. Hopefully, we will locate a source and produce more cartridges.

February 29, 2000 - BattleSphere™ is done! Please check our Press Releases page for the complete story!
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